Flight Cancellation

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Be aware that mountain activities are inherently unpredictable. The main cause is inclement weather in mountainous areas, which causes domestic aircraft delays. 

Domestic journeys in Nepal are commonly predisposed to flight deferrals and scratch-off because of their demanding geological location and climatic variety. Due to the lack of an Instrumental Landing System at Nepal’s Tribhuwan International Airport, adverse weather circumstances such as heavy rain, thick haze, strong gusts, and so on may cause aircraft deferrals or cancellations.

Harvest time (November-September) is the most popular traveling season when the climate is dry, clear, and stable, as you can see from the greatest journeying season section of our site. Flight deferrals and cancellations are uncommon during this time of year. Climate cannot be guaranteed during different seasons. Flight cancellations and postponements are more likely during the rainy season (June-August).

If a flight is delayed during departure (the beginning of the trip) or return (the end of the trip), the client is responsible for any additional charges, including meals and lodging. If you need to make alternative arrangements, such as a helicopter flight to avoid flight delays, you will be responsible for all additional charges.

Glorious Eco Trek is not responsible for any fees incurred as a result of a missed international flight but will assist in arranging alternate arrangements if possible. Please keep in mind that we may have to make changes to the itinerary while on the field due to unanticipated circumstances beyond our control. We will, however, make every effort to stick to the schedule as precisely as possible.