Begin you journey to the unspoiled beauty of the Langtang region with appropriate Langtang Trek Permit.

A stunning Alpine valley in the Langtang region has been capturing the imagination of trekkers for decades. As you follow the gurgling Langtang River past bamboo and pine forests, over suspension bridges, and into high mountain villages, the soaring peaks of the Langtang Himal greet you at every turn. 

This rich tapestry of nature and culture forms the backdrop for the Langtang Valley trek, considered one of the most accessible and rewarding journeys in Nepal.

However, many eager trekkers often wonder – do I need a special permit to explore the trails of the Langtang Valley? The answer is yes. All foreign nationals require Langtang Trek permits to undertake this trek. But there’s no need to fret. 

The key is working with an experienced agency that can handle the logistics behind the scenes. As your trek partner, we’ll secure Langtang Trek permits, book tea house accommodation, and provide experienced guides, porters, and more – so you can enjoy the magic of the high Himalayas. Ready to unlock the doors to Langtang? Let’s begin the journey!

1. TIMS Permit

The fundamental permit needed is the Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) card to travel on Nepal’s popular trekking routes. This card, administered by the Nepal Tourism Board, functions as both a trekking permit and a registration system. 

The TIMS card assists in keeping track of and managing the many visitors on Nepal’s famous trails. It grants you access to explore the tremendous trekking opportunities across Nepal!

Where to Obtain TIMS Permit

Securing a TIMS card is fairly simple. Before proceeding to the Langtang trek, you can get this permit in either Kathmandu or Pokhara. Independent trekkers can also acquire it on their own at the Nepal Tourism Board or the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal offices.

We at Glorious Eco Trek Nepal can sort out TIMS cards for our guests as part of our all-inclusive Langtang trekking packages. We will recommend the most convenient way for you to obtain your permits before your trek, according to your itinerary.

Cost of TIMS Permit

The cost of the TIMS card differs based on whether you book through a trekking agency or travel independently:

  • If taking a guided trek with a company, blue TIMS permits cost NPR 1,000 per traveler
  • For independent trekkers, green TIMS permits cost NPR 2,000 per person
  • Citizens from SAARC nations qualify for a discounted rate of NPR 600 per person

Securing this basic TIMS permit is essential whether you trek solo or with an agency.

2. Langtang National Park Entry Permit

The Langtang National Park is home to the popular Langtang Valley Trek, which follows the Langtang River up to the Gosaikunda lakes and the adjacent high mountain ranges. As it lies inside a protected national park, travelers require a permit to enter and trek there.

Where to Obtain Langtang National Park Entry Permit

You can secure the permit either at the Nepal Tourism Board office in Kathmandu before starting the trek or directly at the park entrance in Dhunche on the first day of your trek. Getting it in advance in Kathmandu is recommended to avoid potential delays.

Cost of Langtang National Park Entry Permit

  • For international tourists, the Langtang National Park entry permit costs USD $30 per person
  • Visitors from SAARC member countries receive a discounted permit rate of USD $15 per person
  • Children below 10 years can obtain the permit for free of charge

So remember to carry the permit, as park rangers may check it while patrolling the Langtang trails. The purchase of the permit helps support conservation efforts and sustainable tourism practices in the region.

3. Shivapuri National Park Permit (Optional)

Instead of starting the Langtang trek from Syabrubesi, one can choose the alternative route through the Helambu trail. This trail passes through the Shivapuri National Park. And thus, the Shivapuri National Park Permit is required. The permit costs around $5. 

Required Documents for Obtaining Langtang Trek Permits

The following documents are a must for obtaining Langtang Trek permits in order to enter the Langtang region: 

  • Valid passport photocopy
  • 2 passport size photos 
  • Travel Insurance 
  • Cash in NPR for fees
  • Detailed Itinerary of the trek
  • Nepal tourist visa and flight tickets 

Final Say

The Langtang Valley trek is a beautiful Himalayan trek in Nepal that requires a permit. While the permit process may seem complicated, following the right steps and planning ahead makes obtaining a Langtang Trek permit straightforward. 

Be sure to apply early, use a reliable trekking agency, and carry your TIMS card and permit with you on the trek. With the Langtang Trek permit in hand, you are ready to explore the stunning mountain landscapes, Buddhist monasteries, and charming villages along the Langtang trail. Wherever your footsteps lead you, respect local cultures and walk lightly in this delicate environment. 

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