Nepal is a small land in the area, but one gets intrigued by its cultural, artistic, and scenic beauty. Reason to Travel Nepal becomes apparent as this small landlocked country lies between two powerful nations, India and China. The land successfully follows a distinct culture, and no land has dared to influence the practices. Apart from being a habitat for several species of flora and fauna, ground best known for tourism, land of gods and goddesses, it has a lot more to offer.

The most astonishing fact about the land is it has a wide variety of flora and fauna (also some rare species of wildlife), cultural richness and ethnicity, unique topographical diversity. The land holds tremendous religious significance for Hindu and Buddhist people as well.

If you have itchy feet, Nepal is the destination you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. The country depends on tourism activities heavily. So, the government has come up with various Visit Nepal campaigns. Visit Nepal 2020 couldn’t gain much success due to the worldwide pandemic. However, the Government of Nepal is planning for more international flights with safety protocols and continuous improvement in hospitality and tourism sector services.

Reason to Travel Nepal?

The reason to travel Nepal, a mighty land, is supported by the significant activities one can do here. It can be listed as below:

Explore the UNESCO-enlisted cultural heritage sites

Nepal is rich in cultural diversity. Buddhism and Hinduism co-exist here. The artistic monuments, temples, monasteries present enough evidence for history and the vibrant cultural existence.

  • Pashupatinath temple of Lord Shiva
  • Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha
  • Swayambhunath Stupa
  • Bouddhanath stupa
  • Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan Durbar Square, etc.

These are some heritages enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can stroll around and outside the Kathmandu valley to learn about the cultural richness of this land.

Moreover, one can plan a trek for the Himalayan region to learn about Sherpa, Gurung, and Magar culture. More than 125 ethnic groups reside here. The land is an exciting epitome of cultural diversity.

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Adventurous activities in Nepal

The thrilling water activities like rafting, kayaking, canyoning in Nepal are possible as there are more than 6000 fast-flowing freshwater rivers.

Apart from water activities, there are spots for bungee jumping, rock climbing, mountaineering, trekking, paragliding, Ziplining. You can enjoy the best picturesque while performing these heart-melting adventures. What does one want more!

Trek and climbing activities

Nepal is a Himalayan country. It is home to the world’s tallest mountain i.e., Mt. Everest, and many more snow-covered mountains. 8 out of 14 eight-thousanders in the whole wide world are present here.

Moreover, there are more than 1300 peaks over 6000meters. They contribute to the glory of Nepal as a mountainous country.
Most of the tourists interested in adventure activities like to plan trek around the Khumbu region and climb the peaks like Island and Mera peak. The trekking activities are a treat to one’s eyes with the vista of lush green forests, waterfalls, flora, and fauna, mountains like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Sagarmatha, Kanchanjunga, and many more dressed in sparkling white snow.

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The Abundance of Flora and Fauna

Nepal has a diverse landscape, i.e., the mountains, hills, and the plain Terai. The lush green forests with varied species of flora are the home to various birds and animals. The climatic condition also varies with the diverse topography. This is why there are different local birds and animals in another locality.

Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve, and many other national parks/wildlife reserves will take you out on a journey to explore plants, animals, birds, and other endangered species.

One-horned rhino, Asian Elephants, Bengal Tiger are rare animals that can be spotted in Nepal. Chitwan National Park is famous for its jungle safari. It is an opportunity to go on a jeep ride and explore wildlife there.

Day Hiking

Day hiking is another best activity that can rejuvenate your soul and body. If you want to breathe fresh air with the serenading view of green forests, waterfalls, sunrise/sunset, cultural monuments, you can plan a hike with your group.
The moments outside bustling street life, smoky environment, and crowded marketplaces allow the visitors to enjoy in the lap of nature.

The sightseeing activities in Dhulikhel, Nagarkot, Budhanilakantha, Sarangkot, Ghalegaun, Champadevi, Shivapuri, Short hikes in the Himalayan region are popular among the tourists and domestic visitors.


Nepal is comparatively a very affordable travel destination for travelers. They can enjoy traveling at low prices for hotel/accommodation facilities, food, and other recreation activities.

Moreover, many unique hotels are also available with exotic facilities and the best ambiance at higher prices.

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The mighty land of Nepal is welcoming for visitors and tourists. It is supported by a famous quote, “Atithi Devo Bhava.” It means the guests are gods. In any nook or corner of the country, guests are respected and are welcomed with warm hospitality. This is one Reason to Travel Nepal — guests’ genuine and heartfelt embrace, making it a compelling destination to explore.

The hiking and trekking program around the Everest region or Annapurna region allows interacting with the Sherpa, Tamang, and Gurung communities. Witness the vibrant practices with authentic Nepali dishes, ethnic dances, and the origin stories of communities! This is worth the toil to climb and reach there.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Nepal has a diverse culture, so festivals come along. Here, people worship gods and celebrate festivals so often. It can be a wonderful experience for you to witness togetherness, joy, celebration, and happiness shared among people during these festivals.

Yoga and Meditation

If you believe in mental peace, serenity, balanced state of mind and body, Nepal can be a suitable destination. You can be involved in the meditation sessions in Osho tap ban, ISKCON temple, Vipassana meditation in Budhanilakantha, etc.

Volunteering Activities

Nepal is an underdeveloped nation. It is still in the recovery phase from the destruction caused by Earthquake 2015. Reason to Travel Nepal becomes even more meaningful if you want to contribute something or are from a volunteering background. There are many organizations where you can contact and get involved. Your contribution can make a significant impact, making many lives better.


Besides, there are a lot more than these listed reasons. Nepal is a magical land. Reason to Travel Nepal is evident in its magical landscapes and rich history. The keener you become to explore, the more interesting it gets. The years and years-long history of the origin of this mighty land presented by artistic monuments and culture is overwhelming.

All activities like adventure tourism, wildlife exploration, and the festival celebration make the nation amazing. So, get ready to pack your bags. You will indeed have the best travel memories to record in your travel journal and to cherish forever.

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