Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions help to bind two parties i.e client (you) and Us (Glorious Eco Trek Nepal). The terms and conditions contain policies and the value system of the company which you need to know before you book a trip.

This also helps in the settlement of any conflict that may occur in the future legally. So, terms and conditions somehow help to establish a good relationship between us and you. The following are the terms and conditions that you need to know:


You will receive a written confirmation letter after you have deposited the amount for the trip. A contract is formed here. 

But it becomes your responsibility to check it thoroughly and make sure that the information matches with the information in your passport. If there is any omission or mistake, you should inform us.

If you are booking on the behalf of other people, it becomes your responsibility that the other participants have proper consent for the contract. You will be the person to whom the company will try and contact if there are any changes in the contract.

You will be liable for all the due payments. Also, it is assumed that you check the confirmation letter and confirm that it has no incorrect or incomplete information. This is a critical phase because the company doesn’t hold any responsibility for errors or omissions after the whole booking procedure is completed. 

When the company and client will be responsible for their acts?

Regarding deposits:

There is a fixed amount that you need to deposit while booking a trip. The amount is non-refundable in all the itinerary packages

At the time of booking:

You will have to pay a 10 % charge at the time of booking. You will also have to pay the flight fares for departure if you want us to arrange. If you are booking 1 month(30 days) before the departure of the trip, you can pay 10%. But you will have to pay total amount if the time is less than 30 days.

Balance Payment:

The company expects you to pay the remaining amount within 30 days of the final departure date. The contract will get canceled if you delay the payment.

Exception: If there are any unexpected and unavoidable circumstances, you can have a lifetime deposit. This is only possible in the case of an emergency. You will have to provide us the proof i.e precriptions (medical) if you are sick.

The person whose name is used while booking only gets it. You can have the same travel package in future. However, if there are any price changes( increment), you will have to add them. We also can’t exchange it for any other pricey package.


You can pay the booking charge online. All debit and credit cards can be used. You can also visit our office for the payment.

If you have already paid the whole amount, there is no provision for discount or price reduction. There can be changes to the prices due to an increment in airfare, fuel charges, and operational charges. You will have to pay for covering the increment if you haven’t paid the full amount during the bookings.

There can also be price reductions due to local charge cuts and cancellation of any day programs during the trip. You will only have to pay the amount deducting a certain percentage if you haven’t paid the balance amount.


By Client:

You will have to inform us about the reasons for the cancellation of the trip with valid proof. We will study and analyze the situation and think about the percentage cuts:

By the company(Us):

Medical Requirements:

If you have any special medical conditions, you will have to inform us during the bookings. A person with any mental problems doing the contract makes it void from the legal point of view. So, if we get to know that after you have paid for the trip, you may lose the whole money.

There are some difficult hikes and treks that can be harmful to Asthma patients, people of certain age, pregnant or child. You, as a client should mention this in the form at the very beginning.

We will arrange the medications and facilities as per your concern and demand. You need to write it loud and clear.


You will have to understand that Himalayan tours are difficult. You may have to settle in Farmhouse, resort, or teahouses. The region can’t serve you with the best luxury, but we will make sure that thenservices and foods are hygienic and safe.

If there are any domestic flight delays, you will be taken care of properly. You can take you to a nearby eatery or any places to visit.

The daytime outdoor activities can be changed in the case the weather unpredictably changes. The client himself/herself is responsible for the international flight delay.

Necessary Documents:

You need to carry a valid Visa and passport. Make sure that you confirm all the necessary visa requirements.We can arrange Bhutan and Tibet Visa for you if you send us a color scanned copy of your passport and a passport-sized photo.

We, as a company will not be responsible for the refusal of your entrance due to invalid visa or unfulfillment of requirements in documentation.


Our company isn’t liable for any personal insurance issues or expenses. We strongly suggest you have a travel insurance package covering accidents, cancellation, luggage loss, curtailment, medical fees, etc.

Amendment to terms and conditions:

The company reserves all rights to change the terms and conditions mentioned above. Keep yourself updated from time to time!

Photography Rights:

The company reserves all the rights to take photographs of the clients during the trip( with consent ofcourse). The pictures can be used by the company in brochures and websites for promotional purposes.

Your comments or reviews will also be reserved by the company for future usage.