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Glorious Eco Trek Nepal : Best team and friends in Nepal!

Benjamin Perez, Chile

Thank you Anil & Samir for this amazing experience going to EBC. Eco Trek will be always helping you since the first day that you contact them to get info about this trip. Anil was so helpful in every moment taking care of our team during the trek to EBC. He has all the time to explain you everything about the trip and he will be giving you always the best tips to get the most of Kathmandu and the trek. Samir, who was my guide knows everything of this route and he gave us the best attention while we were walking and staying in every place in the Himalayas.

They have really good accommodations in Kathmandu, so you will be able to rest and recover well after the trek. Personally I stayed in Thamel Park Hotel, which have a nice restaurant at its rooftop! From there you can see literally all the city and have a drink while you’re watching the sunset.

Please bring with you enough medicines just in case you get any sickness like a cold, etc. Antibiotics, Ibuprofen, and pills for dizziness are important.

I highly recommend to do Everest Base Camp with Eco Trek, you will trek safe and enjoying every step in this magic country!

The Himalayas are gorgeous and you should go with Glorious Eco Trek

Brian Otto Messmer, Argentina

It was an experience of a lifetime! The Himalayas are gorgeous and amazing in a way that is difficult to express. The majesty and splendor of the mountains left me speechless each day of the hike.

Glorious Eco Trek went above and beyond to give us a trek that was well-planned, secure, enjoyable, and—most importantly—successful in getting us to Everest Base Camp. Our porter Norgey was a polite and considerate man, and our tour guide Parkhi was knowledgeable and pleasant. They both played a part in making our trip easy and memorable.

I’m really happy I made my travel reservation with their agency. I think hiring a guide is essential to helping the local people, and Glorious Eco Trek provides an all-inclusive package that offered me great peace of mind throughout the entire trip (from landing in Kathmandu to leaving to go back to my country). And Anil Founder and Managing Director of Glorious Eco Trek Nepal is so friendly and gentle that everytime when you ask for anything, he makes everything possible.

If you like to go to Nepal then Glorious will be best options !

Go and do the Annapurna Circuit with Glorious !! You will love it!

Lara Schrodter, Germany

I’ve just finished the Annapurna Circuit with Glorious Eco Trek Nepal and it has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Right from the beginning I felt supported in every way. Every question that I had beforehand was answered immediately by Anil and his colleagues so I could start my adventure with no worries at all. And it was an adventure that I will never forget. Together with my guide Kalyan Gurung (@gurung_kalyan) I managed to get up to 5.416m. I always felt safe so I never had to worry about anything. Whenever I had a problem, he solved it in no time. Kalyan is a very experienced trekking guide. As we walked he could tell me the name of every mountain and it’s altitude straight away, he explained a lot about the landscape, the people and the culture and was always aware of any risks or difficulties along the way. He always made sure that I got the best room and the best food in the place. We also had a few good laughs and and he taught me a lot of things, for example why garlic soup and ginger tea is the best for you in a high altitude or why walking very slowly while going up is so important.
To keep it short: I would always do it again!

Thank you Glorious Eco Trek Nepal!

Glorious Eco Trek – The Best Option for Nepal.

Olivia , Australia

From my initial email to enquire about the trek, Glorious Eco Trek were great. Every reply was prompt and thorough. I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to book it otherwise with all the confusion due to COVID restrictions.
Delighted I did as it turned out to be the trip of a lifetime. We got it all really; the madness of the city, the paradise of the mountains, the exciting flight to Lukla, hot sun, deep snow, breathtaking views, Sherpa culture, Yaks, home brew, monks, monasteries, peaks & pubs…. hard to beat!

Guide & porter were great. Manu our guide seemed to know everyone along the way and was a good laugh to be with. We watched Raju our porter carrying half his body weight out of the tea-house every morning but he kept smiling which helped with the guilty feeling!

There is some hardship involved with the altitude & facilities available but that’s all part of the experience.
Have to also mention that the aftercare we received from Glorious was great…we weren’t really expecting any. They organized everything we needed afterwards including COVID tests and in a place like Kathmandu any help you can get is worth taking!

All in all…brilliant!

Thanks to Glorious Eco Trek for making my ideal excursion a reality!

Dr. Thomas Prinz, Germany

A few days ago, I arrived back to Kathmandu after completing an incredible and unforgettable trek across the Langtang Valley. Glorious Eco Trek was, in my opinion, the most ideal traveling companion for someone who has a deep appreciation for the natural world. Anil, the managing director of the firm, was extremely helpful to me and was always accessible to offer assistance, and I want to take this opportunity to thank him for everything he did for me. A huge thank you goes out to Manu, who was my tour guide. He has been by my side throughout the entirety of the tour. He answered each and every one of my questions in a calm and collected manner, and he was helpful to me in any way that he could be. My rating for Glorious Eco Trek is five stars out of five. I am overjoyed with how everything turned out, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Glorious Eco Trek crew once more.

A delightful memorable trip with the best tour operator in Nepal.

Lauren , New Zealand

My spouse and I booked the Everest View Trek with Glorious Eco Trek. During our time in Nepal, the company was wonderfully organized and supportive. Because there were so many options to choose from at varying rates, I felt certain that we had made the best decision possible.

On the way from the airport to the welcome-back meeting, he was an exceptional leader who was helpful, attentive, and evidently highly regarded. I would highly recommend him and his team of porters, who were also incredibly helpful on the trail and entertaining to hike with. I would recommend Glorious Eco Trek and Manu Gurung if you are thinking about the Everest View Trek.

Amazing Heli Trek service and one of the best experiences of a lifetime.

Ernie Eugenio, USA

The Glorious Eco Trek is the best option if you wish to visit Everest Base Camp. I cannot say enough good things about these people, from start to finish. When I arrived in Nepal as a solo tourist, I was anxious, but I wasn’t concerned. The Glorious Eco Trek team handled every detail of the journey. Samir Gurung, my guide, was outstanding the entire time; he was exceedingly knowledgeable, incredibly helpful, and genuinely kind and compassionate. I’m glad Samir was given the assignment because he made sure I had everything I needed. I cannot emphasize how strongly I recommend these individuals!